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Fully control access rights to your property at any time, for any room and for each person.
From your desk or when you are on the move. It's easy - with exivo.

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“YourApartment is looking to expand into all major UK cities in the next five years, and we want to ensure all of our guests experience the same seamless and convenient check-in experience, so we will work with dormakaba again to integrate wireless, smart systems for our accommodation across the country.”

Daniel Robinson, Marketing Manager - YourApartment

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exivo is cloud-based. This means that all the data is available around the clock and accessible from wherever you are in the world.

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Our access control system complies with the EU GDPR and guarantees the protection of sensitive personal data.

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Mobile Access

Unlock doors with your smartphone. Use digital keys with any apple or android phone.

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Temporary Access

Grant access to one off site visitors without the need for an on site presence.

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Remote Opening

Unlock doors from anywhere at the press of a button, safely and securely.

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Integrate with your App

Our API enables you to seamlessly integrate exivo into your own ecosystem.


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Manage access to your property from anywhere at anytime.

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Reduce overheads. No need for dedicated staff on-site.

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Retrofit existing doors. Easily replace mechanical systems with our wide range of door hardware.

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Free choice of access media including cards, key fobs, smart keys or digital keys on smartphones.

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Continued access even when your internet access is down. Our door hardware has in built memory so you are never locked out.

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24/7 Access to your system                                              


A choice of hardware

Our electronic door components operate on a standalone basis, meaning they can work independently of other devices. They connect to the exivo platform via wireless gateways. In addition, online wall readers can be connected and operated via the door controllers.

c-lever pro

C-Lever Pro Electronic Door Lock

This electronic fitting has a higher security class and is suitable for most interior and exterior doors.

c-lever pro

The c-lever pro is designed for exterior doors and doors with increased security requirements. In addition to offering protection against intrusion, fire and inclement weather, it can also be used for emergency exits and escape routes.

Key Features

  • Black or white cover
  • Choice of lever handle designs
  • Choice of access media: card, key fob, key with RFID or smartphone
  • Battery integrated inside housing

c-lever compact

C-Lever Compact Digital Lock

Simple to retrofit – whatever your lock or door furniture. Its innovative design means that it can be installed with the handle above or below the reader. This convenient, compact solution is ideal for glass and interior doors.

c-lever air

C-Lever Air Electronic Door Lock

With its ultra slim profile, this fitting is the perfect choice for designer interiors. Winner of multiple design awards – our solution for admirers of contemporary, modern design.

Digital & Mechatronic cylinders

Digital & Mechatronic Cylinders

Digital and mechatronic cylinders replace existing mechanical cylinders, which means there is no need for alterations to the door. Our cylinders are designed for interior and exterior use, and you can choose from a wide selection of styles.

Wall readers

Wall Readers

Whether indoors or out, our access control readers are the ideal choice for automatic doors and electronic locks. We offer our wall readers in a range of designs – in black or white.

Access media

Access Media

Select the access medium that best suits your needs. You can open the door with a card, a practical key fob or an RFID key. Or how about using your own smartphone as a digital key?

3 easy steps to your access control solution


Define your requirements

Contact us with the form below and we will get in touch with you to arrange an appointment for the initial planning of your exivo platform.


Review our planning proposal

We will then send you your personal detailed investment breakdown. Only once everything is planned the way you want, do you commission your project.


Delivery and installation

We take care of system delivery and installation. You don't have to lift a finger and can get going right away. As soon as you place your order you can set up your access in the live system. If you need help or assistance, we are at your service.

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